Thinkstock Coupon - Save 67% with $99 for 750 Images! The Bait with a fine print! Part 3

Published: 08/06/2013 - 16:44

Well, in this part of our Thinkstock Coupon Bait and Switch case study we will look at Thinkstock user agreements fine print or the legal points raised by the Thinkstock reps when they call you or email you with notices saying your subscription will be suspended if you do not contact them regarding your just purchased account.

So, as a consumer, you have taken the Bait and signed up for the One Month Subscription at a low price of $99 for a package that says clearly - 25 image download limit daily.

Now, the merchant in our bait and switch example needs to create 'artificial' or 'hidden' hurdles to tell you that the service you just signed up for is not available.

In our case study that hurdle is the 'terms of use' - yes, you were dumb not to read that in the first place and Thinkstock knows a majority don't.

I thought it best if I just show the details in a video by going over the Thinkstock website and the fine print.

So, you have taken the Bait now comes the well oiled sales machine of Getty Images.

In our next episode of our case study we will look at actual phone and email conversations that will 'convince' you to 'SWITCH' to a higher priced plan.

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