Thinkstock Coupon - Save 67% with $99 for 750 Images. The Hard Sell - Case Study Part4

Published: 08/08/2013 - 22:39

This Thinkstock Coupon offer is a classic bait and switch advertising example.  The Coupon to save 67% or $99 for 750 images by Thinkstock  is clearly a bait to get 'hot' ready to pay customers and then pressure them to signup to a more expensive and more profitable plan.

Here is what has happened so far.

You, the customer, saw a great deal and signed up and you go about your downloads.

Now your are 'hooked' and ready to be 'worked' on to persuade you to another more expensive plan.

  • You start getting calls from the sales rep - In my case initially for the first couple days I was thinking the sales call was just a way to sell me 'more' stuff.
  • Finally you get the 'suspension' or 'cancelation' notice where you are forced to respond.

In our case study, the Signup to the Thinkstock Monthly Subscription happened on 7/18/2013 (see image below) and then 3-4 days later we start getting the calls (see main image on top).  

The 7/25/2013 phone transcript clearly shows the threat of suspension and what prompts the customer to take action and eventually they are 'convinced' to SWITCH.

A classic bait and switch advertising, executed to perfection.

In our next post, we will discus the email communication and the 'sales offer' aspect to a higher paid plan in this Thinkstock Coupon Case Study.  

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