Thinkstock images promo code / coupon - A bait and switch advertising case study.

Published: 08/04/2013 - 10:06
Thinkstock Coupon - Bait And Switch Example

It's been a while since I have blogged on this site - hmm, more like years :)

So, there has been a sense of urgency to get some quality content posted.  As as you already know with quality content it helps to have a quality image as well to attract the users attention.


With that in mind, I have been looking at a few services that provide quality stock images, like 



3) Last but not least, the star of our bait and switch case study -

I have a account with iStockphoto that works fine for the times when I need images for client projects, but for my blogging task I was looking for a cheaper solution for the images as paying $3-$5 per image for a blog made no sense.

I liked the subscription plan at Thinkstock photos, I also like the images there, as they have a great collection from pretty much everyone in the industry that sells stock photos (istockphotos included)

So, like any prudent investor - yep, I am referring to you :) I was on the lookout for "Thinkstock coupon", "Thinkstock promo code" and after a month of looking around - I hit the jackpot - no more Thinkstock 20% off coupons scattered all over the web, I found the mother of all Thinkstock coupons - A One Month Subscription for $99 where the daily limit for Thinkstock image download is a cool 25 do the math and you know that's a good deal.

After quickly signing up and starting my download collection - came the surprise.

I have been lured into a well planned, carefully orchestrated bait and switch advertising campaign, by no other than the top stock image company in the world - Getty Images.

So, in our case study I will walk you through step by step on how bait and switch works and also educate you on the details of this mother of all Thinkstock Coupon - 65% off for a monthly subscription ($99/month with 25 daily download limit).

Next  - Thinkstock promo code - 65% off with a bait of 25 images per day! Case Study Part2


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