Drupal Hosting

Hosting your website.

Before you get started on the website design and content, you need to review your web marketing strategy, and make sure that your website hosting can accommodate those needs.

For example, new website owners wishing to send emails to their clients face a challenge to deliver their emails in the customers inbox.  Most free email services providers will initially mark your email as spam and deliver it in the 'spam box'. One way to increase deliverability is to manage your own email server and enable Domain Name Verification - this is a new technology to fight Phishing and ensurering that emails claiming to be from a certain domain are TRULY coming from that domain.

So with that in mind if you wish to implement such strategy, you need a dedicated server.

At Jazzy Marketing, we want to be your one stop IT Solution for your online business growth.  We offer Shared 'Managed' Hosting, that is leaps and bounds better that your regular shared hosting and for clients that need a VPS we can manage and maintain VPS servers from any of the top providers in the market such as Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Linode and DigitalOcean.

Managed Shared Hosting Plan - $29/mo - Includes update of Drupal minor releases

Perfect for non-eCommerce sites, with plenty of resources for a fast responsive website experience.

Managed VPS - $40/mo (We manage virtual private server with Centos 7, plus Drupal)

For very busy sites, you need a vps and definitely for eCommece sites, this package is ideal for just this type of client.