everything you need to sell your Membership in no time!

If you are struggling to get your website up and running to sell your course ASAP, then is course is for you.  We provide you with a setup on our servers,  with all the plugins you need so that you can just login and focus on adding your course content.  When done, we'll make the site live on your web hosting service provider.  See, easy peasy!

Brand Review

Before we get started with the actual development, we'll spend time on branding so that your marketing efforts are on point and congruent.

WordPress CMS

It's a popular CMS for sure and because of that there many options.  We have narrowed down the scope with the most robust and stable features and functionality so that our efforts are spent not on the tech but on the content marketing.

Hosting & Performance

With Google placing a lot of emphasis on fast websites, we'll take a closer look at how we can keep our sites optimized and things we can do to maintain the speeds.

Security Built-in

Yep,  Security is not going to be an after thought, we have premium plugins to help keep our site safe and secure.

Copywriting Overview

Not a copywriting course, but we'll spend time on making sure our homepage are on point with a easy to use interface to get your site visitors to take action.

SEO Included

Yes, we have premium plugin to take care of on-page SEO.  We'll cover this topic so that you can publish optimized content and get organic traffic.

​What's included 

Email Support

Email and video instructions to help resolve any issues.


General guidelines to help you manage your site.


Google Analytics, Tag Manger and Facebook Pixel setup.


Of-course, you sites has be responsive in 2020!

Premium Plugins!!!

Yes, no need to purchase any of the plugins we'll be using!  It's all included.

​Source Files

You Own It!  We'll even upload your site to your host.


You have 7 days to ask for full refund, no questions asked.


We'll host video meetings over the course of 6 weeks!


Yes, kinda goes without saying.  After all we want to sell your course ASAP.

Coming Soon!

Since it's done-with-you we can only support 10 users at this time to ensure that each member gets the proper training and support.

So, the first 10 clients get a massive discount as you would pay more just for the plugins! Actually $523 to be exact.

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