Newsletter Segmenting Explained - Is Subscriber a Buyer?

Published: 08/25/2013 - 04:17
Email Marketing - Newsletter Segmenting

Most small businesses these days are pretty up to date with their websites, with nice graphics and some YouTube video's, they even have the most important ingredient of a website - a Newsletter.

Some even have their ecommerce store setup and have say 5 to 10 different 'contact forms' from the best newsletter broadcasting services like Aweber but if you want to play with the big boy's you need to understand Newsletter Segmenting - Data Mining If you Will!

So, what is Newsletter Segmenting?

That great list of people in your newsletter, are they ALL your Fans?

If you can separate your Fans from the crowd,
you have successfully segmented.

The best way I can think of explaining this would be to ask more questions.

Well with your Newsletter Setup and your Ecommerce Setup do you know - 

  1. How many if any Newsletters has this Buyer ...Ops, I mean Fan subscribed to?
  2. Can we get which emails the Fan opened - The Newsletter Title?
  3. Was anything clicked on? Was it a Image or a text Link?
  4. What the Link For / Value of link ?
  5. What date was the Signup?
  6. How long between signup and first sale?
  7. Is the Subscriber a Male or Female?

That to me is Segmenting.  

You should play around with tools your Newsletter Service Provider has.  See if you can get some or all of those answers and review them periodically.  

And, that my friend is how I think one grows his business online slowly but surely :)


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