Pieces of an Affordable Website Design: Part 1

Published: 05/20/2009 - 15:15

So, what exactly are pieces for a Affordable Website?

Well, first thing that comes to mind is there is the need to get a 'domain name" - like jazzymarketing.com or jazzymarketing.net .... now we can have domains by country, biz, .name etc as options...but I think for the most part it is best to stick with .com because of the high expectation among the general population for a domain name to end with .com

Ok...with that in mind you can go to Godaddy or http://mynetconnect.com which is Jazzy Marketings reseller account for Godaddy.

So, now you have a domain name..now what?

We need a hosting account to 'host' our Website.

Yep, we have to create a Website and then place it on a computer that is running 24 hrs and can be accessed by Hundreds or thousands of visitors using the Internet explorer...I know this sounds simplistic but I need you to picture this - you have purchased a 'domain name' and you need to point that domain from say Godaddy or MynetConnect and say ok, here is my 'hosting server' I need that domain to point to this machine.  This is Called DNS - Domain Name Server or Service what ever you want to call.

So, there you go...you have the first piece of the puzzle - pointing your domain name to the server hosting your Website.

Next, lets look at the machine that is hosting this Website.

You know what is needed for this machine? to make it possible for hundreds and thousands of people to access this Website and still be protected enough so that hackers and curious Georges don't mess your system and just move on to something a bit easier and maybe more lucrative :)

The most simple and best practice is to say 'up to date' on your software so that they provide the best possible protection.

So, lets talk about this machine what does it require?

Just like when you purchased your machine have at least these 3 core choices. Buy a Windows based machine or Apple or Linux.

Well you have the same options in Hosting. Linux is the most popular and cheaper as it is open source based - no licensing fees etc.

In the online world Website hosting servers are dominated by Linux because it enables anyone to setup a working server without having to purchase a single piece of software. Yes, the operating systems have various versions that you can install like Redhat/CentOS or Ubuntu and so on, for the actual software that manages the browser access is Apache, for database you have mySQL, for mail you have Sendmail or PostFix and so on ...So, all you are really paying for this the 'Internet access' to this machine and the 'fee' to keep your machine AT a safe secure location.

If you are interested in learning how this Webserver is actually setup, you can see the tutorial here


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