Facebook Marketing - How NOT to market your business with a Facebook Ad Campaign

Published: 12/03/2013 - 18:17
Facebook Sponsored Ad example in Newsfeed

Now this blog post was inspired by how social media - yes, Facebook in this case can be used to ruin your brand.

I ran across this Facebook Ad Campaign by what looks to me now as pretty rotten company that sells graphics, vectors, icons and backgrounds - http://GraphicStock.com

The ad campaign GraphicStock is running is a 'post promotion' which ends up in your Facebook "news feeds" timeline as shown above.  

There are a lot of good things about the Ad from a 30,000 foot view perspective.

1) A great title - 7 days of FREE Downloads
2) A clear call to action - trackable 'download' link
3) A good image - clearly showing the product for sale

The 619 Likes, 206 comments and 371 shares from a initial scan convinced me to try out the offer.

What follows is how not to ruin this goodwill in social media.  The very social media that can get you droves of people, can instantly ruin your brand as well.

After a quick look at the 206 comments you realize how potential customers are going to run like hell from these guys.


So, the take away from this post is to show that Facebook Advertising can be a good way to get lots of traffic as well as get good social proof.  And, if done right can get you raving fans or it can end up ruining your brands reputation as show in the Facebook comments for this GraphicStock Facebook marketing campaign. 

Considering that this GraphicStock social media campaign is still active, three weeks since it was posted, suggest to me that they are probably still making money initially.  But, I wonder how it pans out in terms of chargeback and cancelations.

At Jazzy Marketing, our social media strategy for our clients is a simple one.  

Treat your prospects in your marketing campaigns with honesty,  provide good value, and they will become your clients and raving Fans.


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