Thinkstock promo code - 65% off with a bait of 25 images per day! Bait and Switch Defined - Case Study Part2

Published: 08/04/2013 - 13:12
Thinkstock casestudy - Bait And Switch Advertising

So what is bait and switch advertising?

Bait-and-switch is a form of fraud used in retail sales but also employed in other contexts. First, customers are "baited" by merchants advertising products or services at a low pricebut when customers visit the store, they discover that the advertised goods are not available, or the customers are pressured by sales people to consider similar, but higher priced items ("switching").

STOP! Are you telling me Getty Images the parent company of Thinkstock is doing this bait and switch thingy?

Well, the short answer is yes, and this is what this post is going to show as an example of bait and switch advertising.  The general impression among the majority of the US population is that bait and switch advertising is common in car sales - we see these types of ads every Sunday in the local papers.  But, such advertising is not so common on the internet, and especially from the likes of the big wigs like Getty Images, hence it makes it a prime candidate for a case study in my opinion.

At Jazzy Marketing we consider yourself as "Mavericks of Ethical Marketing" and having been baited by 65% off Thinkstock Coupon I personally thought this has to be exposed or at least clarified for those users who are looking for "Thinkstock promo codes" and or "Thinkstock coupons".

The Bait - Thinkstock advertising products or services at a low price

The Thinkstock coupon of 65% off for one month subscription is like I mentioned earlier - the mother of all Thinkstock coupons.  Generally we find 20% off coupons all the time, but this Thinkstock promo code for one month subscription which retails for $299/month at $99/month is definitely a nice bait.  Especially considering you can download 25 Thinkstock images per day.

The math: 25/day for 30 days = 750 Thinkstock images...that's huge savings for $99 Right!

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