Centos Server Setup - private notes

Published: 11/18/2016 - 13:41

Chances are, if you are viewing this page you have come here via Google search in regards to content we had on our old site, for Centos Server Setup - that content is awfully old (2009/2011), but still gets a fair share of visitors.

I have taken down that content, but I do have some personal notes that I maintain - I believe they are much more relevant and will help you with setting up a Centos Server.  

Now, I am in no way an expert in server setups, these are just my notes I am sharing and hope you find helpful.
To get access to these notes, just signup below and these notes will be available in your free Meribook account. There is nothing to buy, so no worries there.  Once your Meribook account is created, you'll have full access to the "Centos Server Setup" notes under your 'connect' subscription. 


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