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So far in our series of Affordable Website Design  - in Part 1 we talked about getting a 'domain name' and then in Part 2 we discussed how this domain is 'pointed' to the machine that is 'hosting' the website.  Now lets discuss the next important but often overlooked part of your website - the email accounts.

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In part one of pieces of a website series we discussed the need to purchase a domain name and then pointing this domain to the machine that is 'hosting' your website.

How exactly do you point to a machine?

IP Address.

The way Domain Name Server (DNS) works is something like this.

1) You as the owner of the domain name have to say which "Name Server" has the correct match of your domain name to a specific ip address.

For example you purchased a domain name -
You, as the owner of this domain have to tell the internet...  Read more

So, what exactly are pieces for a Affordable Website?

Well, first thing that comes to mind is there is the need to get a 'domain name" - like or .... now we can have domains by country, biz, .name etc as options...but I think for the most part it is best to stick with .com because of the high expectation among the general population for a domain name to end with .com

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Learn How To Edit Page Content On Your Drupal Based Website.

FCK Editor Tutorial - Adding Content

Watch this quick 2 min video to learn how to edit your web page using the browser based WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor write in Internet Explorer.

If you can write an email you can design your webpage.  The Drupal website content management software is quite powerful and can accomodate even the most complex web features from the hundreds of modules.  This FCK Editor is one module that...  Read more