Dan Lok On What Small Business Need To Learn From Apple

Published: 11/13/2016 - 12:20

Steve Jobs Marketing Strategy - Sell Your Ideas the Apple Way - Dan Lok

Dan Lok talks about marketing of the other big brands that are having a hard time keeping their stores open and how Apple marketing has generated $4790.82 per square foot on an annualized basis in 2014.

He goes on to explain five ways how Apple has cultivated loyal raving fans.


  • It's hard work to make things simple.  If your product is complicated, you need to focus on one aspect and explain that in your 2min pitch / compelling landing page.
  • For most entrepreneurs, best advise is go where the money is.  

If its revolutionary, its going to take a lot of money to educate the marketplace to buy this revolutionary thing.
If people are already spending money on something - can you sell it cheaper, faster, bigger, make it prettier?

  • What you do is not who you are!

You want to sell an experience.

  • People are willing to pay more for connection with a person of elevated status / influence - perceived celebrity.

Perception is Reality!

  • What can you do leverage your customers base to increase your back end.  

It can be somebody else's products.

  • Go where the money is and stand in front of it.

Not where you think its going to be, where you perceive it will be etc.

  • Attention is the new currency.

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