Growth Tribe - Sales Hacking with Jon Woodroof

Published: 11/23/2016 - 10:40

Growth Hackers Amsterdam Meetup - Sales Hacking with Jon Woodroof

Jon Woodroof, founder of Twotone Consulting in Amsterdam shares his sales strategy and the tools he uses.

  • Share the process
  • Gmail canned responses
  • Drop ballpark figures in the initial conversations to ensure your product / service are within prospects range
  • Compare apples to apples
  • Ask consistent open-ended questions to qualify leads
  • Instagram for sales
  • Twitter for meetings at events
  • Twitter for him, has higher response rate than emails for introductions
  • Thanking those who give you leads on Twitter
  • The Salesloft Prospector tool (discontinued) and replaced now with Cadence (not same)
  • Newsle - Personalized Linkedin invitations (Now, part of Linkedin after getting acquired by Linekedin)
  • Rapportive - another Linkedin tool that pulls user profiles in your Gmail app
  • #keepitreal - make emails personable
  • for scheduling meetings, it's Free!
  • For customized meeting schedule coordination -
  • Giving people an out and sending an appointment confirmation a day before - save your time, be more human (things do come up).



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