Simon Sinek on How to Get People to Follow You

Published: 11/17/2016 - 14:21

Simon Sinek on How to Get People to Follow You - Inside Quest

Simon Sinek talks about "humans beings as social animals" and that

humans respond to the environment we are in and how
Leaders are responsible for creating the right environment.

Becoming a 'leader' is a transition, and everyone has to go through this transition if one wants to be a leader.

(We do have to realize that not everyone wants to be a Leader - they don't want that added responsibility or whatever reason it might be.)

  • The first transition, is you are no longer responsible for the 'job' - you now become responsible for the 'people' who are responsible for the job.
  • Leaders must have courage - must stand up against outside pressure.
    Courage is external - It's the relationships; standing behind your 'people'.
  • There are no easy metrics for building these relationships - what's important is consistency and it's the accumulation of small goodwill & gestures

Create 'brotherhood' & 'sisterhood' among your people - that's leadership.

  • Common beliefs
  • Common values
  • Execs who care about their 'children'

Simon brings up the theory of "Dunbar's Number" - Robin Dunbar Prof from Cambridge University, theorized that we can maintain about 150 close relationships because we are limited by time and memory.

So, as a Leader who is responsible for social media outreach its important to realize our strengths and weakness and build a social media plan and the team that takes care of the people they are in-charge off.

Love the part starting @40min - His Take On Millennials - very helpful to understand your 'markets' psyche...

Millennials are products of bad parenting and environment....
They were raised as 'special' and 'entitled'!
But, in an instant when they get into the real world...
They realize that they are 'not special'.
There mom's can't find them a promotion.
That you get nothing for coming in last.
And, you can't just have it because you want it.
-Simon Sinek

So basically you have an entire generation growing up with low self esteem than previous generations, and to top it off engagement with social media has shown the release of 'dopamine' - feels good and is highly addictive - same as smoking, gambling, etc.  We have age restrictions on smoking etc, but no restriction on social media which means these Millennials are having a hard time building deep meaning relationships.

They don't count on their friends.
They don't rely on their friends.

Research has shown, that people who spend more time on Facebook suffer higher rate of depression than people who spend less time on Facebook.

I hope this talk gave you valuable information to find your voice, to reach your audience, and to be a good leader who takes care of their people.


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