Kanban Boards For Agile Project Management - Eric Brechner

Published: 11/17/2016 - 03:30

Agile Project Management with Kanban: Eric Brechner Presentation

Eric Brechner, author of Agile Project Management With Kanban -  which landed in Amazon as #1 rated hot new release in Software Design & Engineering talks about how Kanban can be implemented easily in any organization to increase productivity and deliver better quality.

What I really enjoyed about his presentation is that Eric Brechner actually uses the Kanban methodology for the talk itself.  No slideshow, no presentation just a whiteboard, or your Kanban board - used to break down the presentation to answer users' questions on Kanban methodology

Backlog > Breakdown (big questions into small pieces) > Answer > Validate

He does a very similar presentation at "Talks at Google"  https://youtu.be/CD0y-aU1sXo but obviously the questions asked by the audience are different, but it drives home the point that Kanban methodology works.



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