Website Design & Development

Design and Functionality go hand in hand.

Fancy, beautiful themes but with no engine to power it up and take you places is like a Ferrari without its engine, this is what we see most of the time on the web.
The main purpose of a website should be to generate leads for your business, and the 'fancy' effects and visuals need to help you in that effort by building your brand, product, service and web presense.

At Jazzy Marketing, we do not believe in reinventing the wheel and for that very reason we use one of the very best open source Content Management System to design your website.

We use Drupal CMS application for most of our web design work because its robust, scalable, and has one of the most active community.  A good example of Drupal in action is this very website.

Our design and development process starts with brainstorming and getting a grasp on what a clients 'wants' and then we propose what they 'need' :)

A process that goes something like this.

  1. Interpret needs >> make recommendations >> agree on requirements and project scope
  2. Setup staging site >> receive client input >> revise
  3. Use Project management tools to keep project on time and on budget 

Our end goal is to give our clients an attractive, functional website that ensures that our clients have an edge over their competitor and the website should be flexible enough to rapidly conform to clients changing marketing needs.