Coaches & Consultants do you find yourself scrambling to get paid?
Struggling to find a solution to do split pay or custom payment plans to match your needs?


Jazzy Business In A Box

All the tech you need to

 jump start & streamline

any coaching & consulting business!

Watch this short video to see an overview of what's included and why!

Three Reasons
Why Most Businesses Struggle Online!

This has nothing to do with the service provided or skillset of the provider.

No Offers!

The biggest issue with service related businesses is they think every client needs a custom proposal.  Sure, that might be true, it that does not mean you can not take a small part of your overall service an offer it to all.

No Testing!

How many Pizza offers have you seen? A lot, right? Well, you need to think of changing up your messaging and testing your offers as well.  

No Systems!

The tech to implement online sales and having shopping carts has never been this simpler or cheaper and still many businesses think otherwise and still do stuff the hard way.

Three must have solutions to

Build Your Online Sales Machine

  1. 1
    Website & Hosting

    There are many options when it comes to building and hosting a website.  For most flexibility we recommend WordPress with VPS hosting for performance.
  2. 2
    Shopping Cart Software

    For service providers this has been the most difficult portion as most use proposals and invoices from dated solutions.  Modern shopping carts now make getting paid super easy.
  3. 3
    Lead Capture Software

    Not having lead capture on your website is like inviting people to your home and not even asking them for a name.  That's no way build relationships.

Get access to everything you need to run your business successfully for just $49/mo

Get shopping cart software, lead capture software, with managed hosting and knowledgeable advice for your tech related needs.

Here is what's included in your sales machine

Maintenance | Software | Support 

Managed WordPress Hosting & Maintenance

WordPress Website, Hosting and Maintenance!

If you have an existing website on WordPress we'll audit it and update non-breaking plugins.  

Our not so secret sauce of paid and free plugins and functionality we know is going to make your life easy.

Regular maintenance updates and advice on things you might require as you grow.  Managed hosting itself can cost $29/mo or more!

Premium Shopping Cart Software

Your Own Shopping Cart Software To Get Paid Regularly With Flexibility!

We'll give you access to a premium shopping cart solution that costs more than $42/mo. Yep, that is included in our subscription 

Our goal here is to make sure your business is successful and the one key software you MUST have is a shopping cart so that you can create offers regularly and promote your business.

Premium Lead Capture Software

Grab Your Visitors Attention And Build Your Email List With Lead Capture Software!

This is a no-brainer.  Building your Email list is the critical indicator of your sales pipeline.  

Don't think you can just grab a visitor and convert them into customer in one go.  People buy from those who they know and trust.



SEO Audit Of Your Website!

SEO Research & Analysis

Knowing where you stand and what needs to be improved is critical to plan out your business strategy.

We'll run a SEO audit of your site and go over the findings with you on phone/video and not just email it to you to figure it out.  This will help you plan out our content marketing strategy and focus on things that matter most.


Deliver Course Content With Ease! 

Meribook Lead Magnet Platform

This is our own software, and we are just getting started to make it the best content delivery platform.

Build authority by repurposing your content from Facebook or LinkedIn on this platform to drive more organic traffic.


Access To Premium Tools & Freebies!

Free & Premium Tools

We'll be making additional free and premium tools available at discounted prices so that you get more value from this subscription over time!


Private Community Group!

Jazzy Facebook Priviate Group

Our focus is to help you build your Coaching & Consulting business!   The community aspect will help us all grow together.

Let's recap all that you get!

Monthly subsciption items... 

These monthly costs are actual cost's and not hyped up prices.

Hosting & Maintenance: $29/mo*
Shopping Cart Software: $42/mo
Lead Capture Software: $19/mo

Total: $90/month costs.
*fair  bandwidth usage & up to 100k visitors per moth!

One time costs... 

Meribook Lifetime Account: $197

*Premium WordPress Plugins: ~$500+

SEO Audit & Call: $197

Total: $894 one time costs.
*plugins provided based on what we have and your needs!

Join The Family

Finding solutions to tech issues we face as business owners is my passion and over the past decade I have spent a lot of time learning content management platforms like Drupal and WordPress.  

I would say this package is probably the best combination of software and value that I have ever provided and hope you will join and we can build one amazing sales machine to grow your business!


30 day money back

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If at ANY time of your first month, you decide these tools and services are not for you, you can cancel the subscription and get 100% refund.
Any hosting or WordPress related work we do is our gift and you can keep any premium plugins we have added as well for your use as a thank you for giving us a try.

How does the sign up work?

Instant access to Cart

When you sign up using the link above you create your eCommerce cart account.

Access for other software

Access to other software in your package will be provided manually within 24-48hrs.

Website Hosting & SEO

We'll run the SEO audit first and then migrating and staging site for approval to go live.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have a website?

Is copyrighting and design included?

I have a custom design, will you implement that

What limits are there?

Will you add any plugin I request?

Is this a yearly contract?