January 24

4 Must Have Things For Your Online Course!



If you are not familiar with Shane  Melaugh, and you are an entrepreneur than I   highly recommend you check out Shanes personal site - https://activegrowth.com/about/ .  

Now, Shane also happens to be the founder of ThriveThemes the company that builds a suite of products around WordPress.    Shane's vision of how to run a company, his  trainings and his staying true to his beliefs is what I find most attractive.  For instance - his philosophy on not doing Black Friday and why he doesn't think it's fair for his existing customers resonates with me.  

Anyhow, that's the brief intro about him, so getting back to the topic at hand.  The four things he mentions in this video are so true and should be a considered seriously.

  1. Online Course System
  2. Receive Payments
  3. Digital Sales Tax
  4. Affiliate Marketing System

Now, if you  look at all the other  WordPress Plugins that do courses, they all just say we integrate with payment gateways such as Stripe and Paypal and then you are on your own to handle the Digital Sales Tax.  

And guess what, I bet most users using that solution  are just ignoring that aspect of the business!

So, what is the solution?  

Like the video mentions - Thrive Apprentice + Sendowl!

Well, to me this is such valuable advise and  the best value hands down and why I have a course around this  exact solution.



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