July 30

Plugnpaid (Plug&Paid) Review – Shopping Cart Solution For Your Business!



In this Plug&Paid software review, I walk you through how the product/services setup works and how the cart ‘plug’ ties in to actually sell the product or service.

Also, I share why this is a must-have for coaches and consultants who are looking for affiliates to sell their courses.

00:14 – Plugnpaid Shopping Cart Platform
01:04 – Adding Products / Services
01:16 – Creating Cart Links to actually sell the products/services
02:09 – One product cart template
02:35 – Website embed options
02:59 – Sample page with all embed options
03:52 – Multi-product cart template
05:22 – Affiliate module review
06:16 – Payment gateway integrations 06:45 – Planned integration by Meribook.com with Plug&Paid

If you like the review, please use the affiliate link below to sign up for the service and take it for a spin.


Also, if you are looking for solution to promote your course and or lead magnet, please checkout http://meribook.com. We have special offers for Meribook members who want Plug&Paid, so do message us if you are interested in learning about that on Meribook.com


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