Let's figure out your business model first...
then the TYPE OF WEBSITE we need will become a lot clearer!

Watch this short video to see which model you are using!


Your Turn.  What's your business model?

Below are two examples of setting up Lead Magnet content in WordPress

One with Free plugin and one with Paid Course plugin

This "Domain Name, DNS & Hosting" series of content is an example of how we have implemented lead magnet content in two unique ways!  No, this is not your typical give me your email and I will send you the video link!  This has a much higher perceived value!

Landing Page for each video!

that is quite visual and uses a Landing Page to deliver each piece of video content.  The two 'bonus' videos are displayed prominently that require the user to register for free to watch those videos.

This type of flexibility in built in in all our course websites we build!

Register For Free Courses!

Since we are talking about course sites, this should come as no surprise that a person can register on the website and access all available Free courses.

This is a good way to show the depth of content that is available to the user for free, which should make them wonder what kind of value is delivered they pay.

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